Цветно защитно полиуретаново фолио TPU 200 microns

240,00 лв.3,300,00 лв.

Цветно защитно полиуретаново фолио TPU 200 microns



Защитно фолио полиуретан цветно гланц или мат

UPPF Colored TPU Paint Protection film е защитно фолио създадено за да постигне максимална защита за автомобила за дълъг период от време.

Спецификация на UPPF Colored

Protective film (μm) – 75
TPU film (μm)  – 200
Release film (μm) –  90
Glue adhesion (gf/inch)  – 525
Elongation % – 218
Breaking strength(kgf/inch) – 7.6
Chromaticity blackness (5pt) – 3.5
Flatness / Orange peel (5pt) – 3
Gloss (%,@60°) – 92.5
Anti-oil pen stain (Deli Marker pen, 5pt) –  5
Solvent resistance (Marker pen, 5pt)  –  3.5
Solvent resistant corrosion (DMF)  –  30
Resistance to scratching (5pt) – 4
Normal temperature scratch repair degree (1hr, 5pt)  –  4.5
Normal temperature scratch repair degree (24hr, 5pt)  –  4.5 (90%)
Heating scratches completely repair ability (70℃, 5pt)  – 4.5

The adhesive has a viscous force of 222 gf/inch (at temperature of 24 ° C, and a humidity of 54%)

Physical properties

Size: 1.52m x 15m (59.8″ x 590.6″, 4.98ft x 49.2ft, 1.66yd x 16.4yd)

Storage temperature: +14C – +20C with 50% relative humidity

Shelf-life: 3 years from production date (save LOT number)

Application: on a wet surface

Warranty: 10 years from production date. The product is warranted to be free of defects in the material. In case of product defects communicated in the mentioned period, UPPF will consider and determine the existence of the defect and further decide at its sole discretion to either replace the defective product without charge or compensate it with money in such amount, as UPPF seems reasonable.

Top coating features: solvent and stain resistance, resistance to heavy metals, resistance to scratches, self-healing


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The technical specification for PPF Colored


*Self-Healing                    ★★★★

*Anti-Yellowing                ★★★★

*Durability                        ★★★★★

Test Method                   Units          Typical Properties
● Topcoat Thickness 15 μm±1
● TPU Thickness 185 μm±3
● Taber abrasion ASTM D-1044                    1000g weight                <3.5g
● Gloss value OTM-3-309                                                               >80
● Surface Haze ASTM D-1003                     %                                    <1
● Tensile Strength D-412                                  psi                                   5000

mpa                                  4.47

● Elongation at Break D-412                                 %                                      550
● 5% Acid

5% NaOH

100% Alcohol


Boiling water resistance

24h check

No change

● Heating resistance 80℃ 2h -20℃ 2h          10 cycle test                 No change
● Outdoor Weathering TEST 1                              3000hours                  No change

TEST 2                              1000h0urs                  No change

TEST 1. QUV  using UVA bulb, 4 hours 50℃ UV exposure, 4 hours 60℃ condensation

TEST 2. 6500W Xenon Arc, Irradiance: 0.51 W/m2(340 nm), 65℃. Humidity 50% R.H.

Adhesive: high-performance acrylic, non-yellowing

Adhesive thickness:   35μm±2

Peel on glass at 190(kg/25mm):

20 minutes after application  1.2 kg/25mm

24 hours after application 1.8 kg/25mm

Допълнителна информация


1.52x15m, 1.52x1m


Passion red, Mirror white, Mirror black, Sunrise orange, Battleship grey, Nardo grey, Sky blue, Forest green, Satin black, Magic blue, Magic pink, Magic gold


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